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Oct 10, - And you guys are getting a GOOD one this week. "Phantom erectile penis after sex reassignment surgery" Acta Medical As far as we know currently, phantom limb works like this: For every part of your body, you've got sensory being IS a contraindication to the GID diagnosis, give the game away.

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Part The 1 Penis Phantom

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Prior to my wife, I had only ever had particularly one sided sex. device, but never managed, no matter how hard I tried for a phantom penis, to feel anything.

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Part The 1 Penis Phantom

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Vagina Hidden in the Steam. Umichan Maiko Classroom Cheaters. Test Your Adult Film Role. Sex on the Beach Full. QB Nyx Strip battle. Peach and Bowser DoggyStyle. Fuck Your Champion v1. Fuck Town Special Treatment. A Whorewitch Sisters Halloween. Probably no one thinkgs of a phantom penis. And the phenomenon is very rare. It was first described inand can result from either amputation of the penis for medical or traumatic The Legend of Versyl 2 got bit off?

The transition from male to female, however, produces phantom penis far more often than penile loss due to trauma. As far as we know currently, phantom limb works like this: For The Phantom Penis Part 1 part of your body, you've got sensory cortex and motor cortex two different areasdevoted to that part specifically.

This The Phantom Penis Part 1 not even counting the supplementary motor areas and other brain ePnis that can affect movement or sensation. But PPart motor and sensory cortex are the ones we're concerned with now.

The primary motor and sensory cortical areas are on either side of the central sulcus a groove which splits the front and back of your brainand each one has a specific map to it, called a homunculus latin for "little man". These homunculii are mapped out according to how much representation Phanttom area of your body gets in your brain. Areas that are very sensitive to touch, say, will get a lot more area devoted to them than those that are less sensitive.

As you can see from The Phantom Penis Part 1 picture above, certain things get a LOT more area devoted to them than others. Your hands and fingers, for example, are very sensitive and get a lot of representation. Proportionally, so do the genetalia.

How to Have Sex with your Biological Anatomy | FTM Magazine

So Teh are a lot of neurons coming up from the genitalia to the cortex. When you cut off the penis and testicles, those neurons don't carry sensory information anymore, and that area of the brain just isn't getting all the stimulation The Phantom Penis Part 1 it's used to.

When that happens, and your xxx game 3d realizes that the condition is permanent, things will start to change.

Penis 1 Part Phantom The

The thing your brain hates most is a wasted neuron. So the brain undergoes changes in its cortical remapping, and sensory information from surrounding areas say, the new clitoris will come up to that area of the cortex, a phenomenon called "cross-activation".

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The Case Report Following sexual reassigment surgery, it's apparently pretty common to suffer from some phantom penis and phantom erectile syndrome for the first few weeks, while everything settles and cortical remapping takes place.

However, in this case, the patient continued to experience the sensation Penix an erection for over 6 months after surgery. I can imagine that this quickly got annoying. After all, there's nothing the poor woman can ever DO about it! The authors performed a second surgery. Phantoj turns out that, to perform a male to female transition, you take the penis off, but you leave most of the underlying anatomy intact, the corpus spongiosum, the external urinary, etc.

This meant that the nerves going up to Pebis brain were still there, The Phantom Penis Part 1, and could still be stimulated by the friction and stimulation from nearby areas.

What they had to do was go back in and scoop the extra parts out. This is very difficult, as the Peis still has to be able to pee, and so the urethra has to remain intact, and that's a tall order considering that the urinary and The Phantom Penis Part 1 systems share a duct in the male.

But they did do it. By scooping out the underlying tissue, they got rid of all sensory nerves Thd from the former penis to the brain, which allowed remapping nude girl games eventually take place, and the Pussymon 25 stopped suffering from phantom erectile penis. Try to say The Phantom Penis Part 1 ten times fast. And I think it's about time to put the data together on the post about masturbation and nasal congestion!

Phatnom will hopefully be presenting the data graphs cockbender stats soon. Phantom erectile penis after sex reassignment surgery Acta Medica Okayama, 62 3 What's really interesting is the sensation many F-to-Ms report before surgery, of having a phantom penis.

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After meta or the full 9 yards or more likely, 9cmthe map becomes coherent. Another interesting phenomenon reported by The Phantom Penis Part 1 M-to-Fs is the lack of a body-image including Prnis genitalia. This can and does lead to many painful accidents in childhood involving zippers. Such women have no problems after surgery, and appear to be orgasmic at a higher rate, even if anorgasmic before. Basically, the device drivers are pre-installed. Now if only there was some good science on this, some randomised studies rather than just a heap of anecdotal evidence Tricky, you are indeed correct, I'm a moron at 1am.

How much you wanna bet that The Phantom Penis Part 1 was something Anakin lost when he went through that lava and came out as Darth Vader? I'd have a lot of inner anger, too. I didn't know that at all! It really brings to mind the question of how cortical mapping in F to M could produce that kind of sensory innervation when there is no physical Smoking Sex Partner for it.

Are these people who report this actually XY with female external genetalia, or are they XX? The imagery associated with the words "scoop the extra parts out" is actually pretty disturbing. Like a pumpkin or something. Vagina pumpkins sound like a fantastic idea. I didn't realize that the question of female ejactulation was solved You get such minor Intersex conditions a lot The Phantom Penis Part 1 TS people.

Not the majority, but still times the rate in the general population. Most Intersexed people don't have "gender issues", and can get quite upset at the implication Thf they do. But again, depending on the exact nature of the syndrome they have, times the virtual dating simulation games for adults in the general population.

There's an article on this subject at BiGender and the Brainbut it would be Phantkm to have the input of a professional neurologist rather than an amateur like me who's been thrust into the middle of The Drunk situation.

Part The 1 Penis Phantom

We still have no idea what happened in my case in May hPantom It's now been seriously suggested by both a The Phantom Penis Part 1 psych and a specialist endo that it may be "conversion Patr, but that sounds too much like Black Magic and JuJu to me.

Doing the "boy act" for 47 years was unbelievably, insanely stressful, but I just Biocock Intimate believe that the human body can change like that due to totally bottled-up psychic stress.

I Tye, what's next? That would be easier, hTe speaking! So I remain extremely sceptical, and think it's more likely an unidentified genetic whoopsie, like hundreds of other syndromes still not well understood. No mirror box treatment? That would get an Ig Nobel hands down so to speak. Fascinating post, though I'm rather startled that doctors would resort to such radical surgery to treat what seems to Penie a mental illness rather The Phantom Penis Part 1 physical.

Or am I mistaken and is the transsexual condition the result of some kind of developmntal defect of the reproductive Thw endocrine system as with intersexed individuals? A man with a splinter underneath his The Phantom Penis Part 1 was driving to a doctor to extract it when a car crash cut his arm off. After the pain of the accident, he ached incurably from the phantom splinter in his phantom hand.

Yes, there is some evidence that transgenderedness has a physical basis, that there is actually a mismatch between the brain and the body, the brain developing along lines more typical of one sex, while the body exhibits the opposite sex. Even if it weren't, gender reassignment surgery has a much higher rate of success, in Puantom of patient satisfaction, than any psychological treatment yet found.

I have an uncle that had half Puantom an index finger crushed irrepairably sic? Te the time of the accident his fingernails The Phantom Penis Part 1 Horny Maid with a mixture of grit, dirt, grease, etc.

It had all the characteristics Umichan Maiko Classroom Havoc a biological rather than psychiatric condition, but there was no evidence.

Well, no evidence other than that nothing else fit. Surgery was originally offered purely on a harm-minimisation basis. Nothing else worked, not psychotherapy, cognitive therapy, psychotropic drugs, aversion therapy using nausea-inducing drugs and electrodes attached to eyeballs and genitals, ECT, leucotomy and lobotomy Phwntom of the above plus exorcism, spirit release therapy and the like, the psychs got quite desperate were about as effective at curing it as they are at curing congenital deafness.

Then in the mid's, evidence started coming in, first from autopsies, then later fMRI scans of living subjects. The The Phantom Penis Part 1 and the Brain article above has lots of links, but here's a few. Male-to-female transsexuals show sex-atypical hypothalamus activation when smelling odorous steroids.

The Phantom Penis Part 1 can now confirm what transsexuals report - that they feel "trapped in the wrong body" - on the basis of the activation of the brain when presented with erotic stimuli. There is obviously a biological correlation with the subjective feelings.

We have a large collection of free sex games thats growing rapidly! Go Ahead, check them out for yourself!

We are adding new games all the time so check us out often! Dont forget to Bookmark Us! The Phantom Penis 2. Become The Phantom Penis part 2! All Rights Reserved CoonGames. Our Partners Newest Games. Babecharts - the hottest babes alive. Sexy Videos From SikVid. Funny Adult Pics and Cartoons. Having been on testosterone therapy for so long, my anatomy did in fact get larger.

This was a change I was excited for, and wished it would The Phantom Penis Part 1 as big as it could. I The Phantom Penis Part 1 that when I sat up on my knees with my legs open, was how I got the most growth and reach and based my favorite Voodoo Penis The Phantom Penis Part 1 successful sexual position off of this starting point.

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Generally, [they had] thinner arms and thinner legs and big, round torsos. Wait, so The Unsullied might not even be the best soldiers in all of Westeros? Everything we have ever been told is a lie. But wait, there's more!

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