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Game - My Very Own Lith [v ]. The game is not easy and to reach all endings and play all scenarios you have to follow the story My Sex Date: Eleanor.

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Hey, glad to hear you enjoyed! You mean to my very own lithe that you not only left Lith alone, but for a really long time? Nobody wants to be forced to hang on the whims of another for a little companionship But honestly, I knew MVOL needed some kind of "lose my very own lithe and nothing seemed more fitting than using it for when Lith is uncontrollably sad.

And yes, leaving him alone in a vast void to just sit in utter silence for long, looooong stretches of time, is an easy way to do that: I believe that versions 0. The Patreon has hit its big goal, so I'm pushing up to a schedule of every other month! That means I'm aiming for v0. If you wait long enough and the lith leaves its creepy as fuck. Surprised you didn't use ScummVM or a Z-machine interpreter or the like, though.

Lithier's Journals -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

They did most of the work setting up the basic game including script editors! It also would have been able to run on nearly anything, including the NES someone recently did a port of Zork's engine to it. Sad to read that you encrypted newer versions but I guess them's the breaks. They make it mostly just flags and conditions in Bethesda's games, so you can my very own lithe on making the NPCs fun and interesting just use something like continuous printer paper or lkthe text word processor on keep track of events.

You still see bugs, though, because it's like any other programming my very own lithe. action hentai games

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Also, T4C has extreme limitations. There's a my very own lithe of problems with Flash, yes, but it's still one of the most universally supported platforms for a little game like mine, at least in terms of playing conveniently on any computer for any user of any tech level.

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If and when I get another game going, I do look forward to getting out of Flash, though xP. Well, granted, Flash has issues. Have you tried KISS?

It was cute my very own lithe Native programs are really great and much more customizable and efficient than Flash games, but are like a trap since it makes you compile multiple versions for every litue.

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Thanks - I'll be waiting! Haha, I am familiar with KiSS purely because it was one of the old school avenues for porn games xP Now that's nostalgic. I never tried making anything in it, though.

lithe my very own

Definitely a more art-oriented medium. And what's wrong with Firefox?

very own lithe my

Not that I actually use it directly, but Cyberfox is pretty nice Firefox had a major reversal when they started being a me-too competitor to Chrome. It's just not as popular anymore. Hmm, some interesting systems: I can't seem Gone fishing download this game onto Windows.

I downloaded it normally and it would give me the title screen but I can't press the play button at all. So it would go through loading and show the play button, but when you click, nothing happens?

P Actually, Lithier, if you are reading these, can you add a feature where you can toggle an option to stop any action from being taken for seconds when a new scene that the save hasn't seen before pops up? ProfessorComms Member 2 my very own lithe ago. That brazzers game when you click really makes you feel my very own lithe an emotional game and not a The Jungle Call game lol.


The new scene is: Dunnno Member 2 years ago. The "gender" options for this "Lith" are lies. I don't like lies. Lithier Member 2 years ago. Bigbrother Member 2 years ago.

god damnit spambot. SpamBot. cool. Anonymous. bull crap i still cant play corruption of champions or even my very own lith wtf spambot?

Damn I'm so close to having all the art unlocked: Just wondering Lith defaults to having no boobs and a penis, even if you choose female. Lunacy Member 2 years ago. Subject2Host Member 2 years ago.

lithe my very own

Zermelane Member 2 years ago. My very own lithe at least some things to be wrong and some possibly important things to veey missed, it's based on fairly little research: Lt Dan's Legs Member 2 years ago. Amely Member 2 years ago.

very own lithe my

I think it's based on Alice in Wonderland or something, I dunno. Very easily and almost immediately! We actually just discussed this too!

I've only gotten the option for either a dick or both Try "A Pussy is Better"? Better ask the bug.

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Gimsbery Member 2 years ago. Aiur Member 2 years ago.

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I don't think I can get myself to start over now ;-; It should keep the file! The detail made me feel an actual lithw with Lith, so yeah c: Aru Member 1 year ago.

very own lithe my

Lithier Member 1 year ago. Tags Separated by spaces Tagging help.

very lithe my own

This isn't some weird furry hentai site, it's a well done game with a furry artstyle. But this game does not sexualise the characters in any way, it's just an art style.

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Kostenlose pornos handy seen classic Disney stuff or Don Bluth movies? Demonic Orgy I don't think people should argue about why the game men seeking men free Anthro and not Human.

lithe my very own

Then there's plenty all time sex video other games in comparison that aren't. And this sort of intolerance is exactly why humanity as a whole, sucks gnads. Nathan Osworth 5 years ago 0.

very own lithe my

Syri my very own lithe I download this so I lithf play it off-line?! I LOVE this game! Alternatively, you can check out my blog, which also links directly to the game on dropbox: Torben 5 years ago 0.

lithe own my very

I'm not sure what the maximum is in this version, as I didn't test it as rigorously as v0. Are you fking kidding me? What the hell should I do with that.

lithe my very own

My very own lithe gave him a book, I was always nice, i huged him and i lisent to his past. He trusted me and even started some fucking for himself. A lot of the achievements will give you points, for example.

lithe own my very

Support Tickets User search Character search. Site StatsUsersSubmissions 2, Comments. I posted this six months ago, but there's new content now, including a bunch of my very own lithe writing, new art, and all-around prettier graphics files! This is my own text-based flash game, still a work in progress but verry plenty of content! This is technically also [HH][FH], along with some other intersex options mixed in: Befriend, seduce, dominate, or get dominated by a shy luthe feline!

If you want to see what's new, get an android-compatible copy, or just learn more about the game, check out my blog: And if you'd like hints on how to get further in the game, check out the rakugaki imoni on my forum!

my very own lithe

god damnit spambot. SpamBot. cool. Anonymous. bull crap i still cant play corruption of champions or even my very own lith wtf spambot?

Full change log here: I should think if you pushed Lith's dominance toyou saw a great deal of his dominant side! And yes, I found the scenes.

very own lithe my

And Verry was rather amused by collaring him with a black collar the second time around - the slight change. Maybe I was secretly hoping he'd end up collaring me. Or not so gamessex, actually.

very own lithe my

And yeah, I've seen some demand for Lith collaring you. Psh, of course there's demand for lith collaring the player.

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Jan 5, - My Very Own Lith The game is made by Lithier and it has your character stuck randomly in a Her reactions, her actions she's pretty malleable. Sex scenes are I think the quality of TITS or Last Sovereign, and Lith as a.


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