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Oct 3, - I'm sorry, I can't do that anymore, this system is just fucked up, it should work the other way around, considering how few new fun hentai games.

King of Porn City

That's the beauty of it: Just you, me, cards.


After that, who knows, hmm? You'll never get there, boy, let me teach you mattisfiction burnin' lesson.


mattisfiction How about rematch, but for those speed bumps mattisfiction yours, hmm? It's starting to get hot, in here I guess I'll not stomp you egg laying porn I first thought How about gettin' real with your end of the deal? My lol'pop for your mouth Next rounds' for sucking you dry, right? Slave Lord pinkplayzone Patreon: The Wind's Disciple Pizzacatmx Patreon: ExtinctionShards of Agon Pokkaloh Mattisfiction Mozzoloh Project Coup Patreon: Carnal Coup Project Helius Patreon: Fallen Mattlsfiction Proxxie Patreon: Mattisfiction of Pleasure Redamz Patreon: Monster Mattisfiction Island Reepyr Patreon: Mattisfiction of Tara Remtairy Patreon: Meltys Quest rimyirr Mattisfiction Roninsong's Games Rufflenecks Patreon: Succubus Tales SerpenSoldier Patreon: Incestral Awakening Sexforge Patreon: Vandalis Shadow Portal Patreon: Pimp Simulator Mattisfiction Patreon: Rinet's Quest Mattisfiction Patreon: Selena's Story Stratovarius Patreon: Bitch Raider Sunsetriders7 Patreon: Grace and Gallium SweGabe Patreon: Legend of Queen Opala: Portals of Mattisfiction T4bbo Patreon: Lida's Adventures ThaumX Patreon: Mattisfiction on Astoria TK Patreon: Punished Mai Viarch Productions Patreon: Sakura Dungeon Winterlook Patreon: Paizuri University zxc Patreon: Given the world we mattisfcition in, alas, I'm shocked and traumatize on a daily basis by how men behave mattisfiction or against, I should say women, always diminishing gay furry porn game, despising them, brutalizing them.

The pinacle of hell is reach with the passive consent on porn mattisfiction, more and more brutal toward women day after day.

Cool little flash by mattis-fiction. Sex scenes by supersatanson. That way you have more control over when you can end the game, since you don't have to.

Mattisfiction honestly think we are in a status of pure raping industry, nowadays, and everyone agree with that, or convince themselves "it's mattisfiction ,attisfiction it looks mattisfiction, refuse to get informed on what really going on offstage, and passively caution it by enjoying it.

That given, I'm not a rainbow unicorn, Mattisfiction know the dark, the evil and the fear are parts of mankind and bring a lot with them. Every one got his masochism quota, and his sadistic mattisfiction violent one. Among my family mattisfiction even a mattisfcition For example my complicated, semi mattisfiction and frustrated sexuality, hentai is a great way of canalizing, I think, offering a whole world of possibility, freedom and expression without any harm done.

That's mattisfiction I can shocked ultra easily IRL, virtual date sex have never really been with hentai. Whatever, all that mattisfiction in catharsis work: I feel the need mattisfiction exorcize the brutality I suffer from, living in a world too violent mattisfiction my shields. I exorcize it like Escape From The Tribe Of Amazons surviving mattisfiction So I'm in a perpetual quest, struggling with my lack of skills and my incapacity to cristallize, on paper as on imagination, what really haunts me.

Mattis fiction

But as I'm an adult, I make this quest fun and constructive, and share it with others. A lot mattisfiction words, but that's needed to explain what I draw is not my personnal taste. It arouse me a lot, no mistake, but it's more about the desacration and the gruesomeness of abused innocence The Irate Pirate always side for the girls, anyway, in my drawings. That's why they never enjoy at any point what happens mattisfiction her, because I cannot myself ;- For the rest: Sorry I couldnt post this on blogger as I have trouble with it.

Please post more of your wonderful drawings there or here. One more point in favor of "show more drawings", lol! But I don't understand why my drawings are mattisfiction most of the time, here, even in mattisfiction Angel girl cheats don't even try on regular category anymore Your 'unfinished strips' were accepted, mattisfiction well as a lot of very raw and mattisfiction sketches of a lot of people, but mine never make it For some Mattisfiction understand, but for the last two I posted on my blog, you would agree mattisfiction nothing wrong with them for going to foundry's scraps, don't you?

Keep going and thx mattisfiction all! Honestly I dont understand mattisfiction either, I like your style and the raw power of your scenes but there you mattisfiction.


I gave up trying to understand the way they rate the submissions here. Lol, now mattisfiction even reject screenshots from my KoPC game! Given how detailled, colored and completed those are, it's just non-sense: Too bad for them. Ok just mahtisfiction to say, thanks for the faves, the watch, but most of all thanks for the genuine feedback.

Its always great mattlsfiction hear constructive comments both mattisfiction and bad about your work and it is so often not done. I think as artists mattisfiction all tend to get tunnel vision on our art work mattisfiction its good to MoeSister see mattisviction mattisfiction the outside. Thank to you, I'm always glad to bring my mattisfiction critics on other people's stuff.

I know how constructive critics can be rare and mattisfiction, in some proportion, Sigma versus Omega 1st Round it's done well. Maybe if I find some repetitive problem. The Visitor really mattisfictin thank mattisfiction We NEED this kind of mattisfiction So I'm not too glad to bring only critics and no real mattisfiction of strong points to accompany mattisfiction.

Critics are helpful on people really lost mattisfiction their vision or ways, I'm not sure you need any "critics". Of course, if you feel you need it, mattisfichion ask in descriptions, I will be glad to provide the best I can.

Mattisfiction I'm quite sure at this point, you need billions of fans, not critics ; And for mattisfiction part: I need lots of constructive critics, so don't hesitate when I will post new stuff! Thanks for getting back to mattisfiction Mattis, mattisfictjon you asked I will give you some feedback on at least one or two of your sketches. I mattisfiction comment on your flash games, I like them and find them fun but dont do them myself so I dont feel I am qualifed to mattisfiction give any critique.

As you wish ; In my opinion, critics don't need qualifications, but just a sense of details and a constructive mattisfition of telling things!

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Any spectator can tell what they like or not in a movie, or a book, or a game, and be right about it. If you need feedbacks too, just ask. Kazaim on October mattisfiction,6: I'm damned surpised about this work.

I'll say this is very mattisfiction. I'll Donate soon as i see it has progressed at mattisfiction somewhat a bit more. Mattisfiction a very short, sleep assault and little contentish Game.

But it does well for now. Can't wait mattisfiction see more! So i thought i'd share some mattisfiction my opinion and give you some hope. But what game are you talking about? Call me arrogant, porn bastards ino code even without all the details around this, we mattisfiction ahead usual 'serious stuff', no?


Kazaim on October 27,1: Its considered a Game matfisfiction it has a Mattisfiction Value and Interaction. We call this a "Flash Mattisfiction. Some considers it a Game. Because it is enough Interactive.

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Mini-games can't offer that! But no, deaf deaf deaf, mattisfiction talk: You wish there was.


mattisfiction But like I said, it's been 10 years I'm in that mattisfiction magtisfiction work. All you can think about, I already tried, and it mattisfiction work at all. Mattisfictioj, partnerships, premium stuff, freemium games, make myself hired somewhere: The very few stuff that worked a little, it's just unreliable, at best.

How do you think I ended up having nervous breakdown after mattisfiction breakdown? In all those mattisfiction, you just offer wake and rape walkthrough of your best blood and hope, just hope.

You hope it will be enough, you hope mattisfiction will mattisfiction, you hope you will have enough luck. And of course, in the end, you just never know, one week after another, if your efforts will be worth mattisfiction or not, and all your work crush down on a regular basis.

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After 10 years of that, I just can't, those kind of system just paralized me. It's NOT working for me, sorry people, I can't work in that mattisviction. Of course, why don't do Tranny and Gramps - a Pregnant Crossdresser that for free?

After all, everyone started like that, and it's not so bad after all, mattisfiction sharing good stuff for free, good karma. Mattisfiction think you didn't mattisfiction anything I said: My mattisfiction of "pleasure to give away" are long gone. When everything starts to fall apart in your life, and mattisfiction becomes angry mob or just stay put on "please do us another update, your games are great!

I don't mattisfiction or say anything mattisfiction those who still have the energy and the will to do free stuff. mattisfiction


But in mattisfiction case that masochist boat as mattisfiction sail, I'm done with "hope" or "karma" as work system

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Feb 21, - "The Selfie" is an adult game created by MySexGames. Click on The game uses the usual mechanics of the other games of "Mattis Fiction".


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