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Aug 10, - Sex and Games Make Sexy Games by Clockup · Eroico by Kyrieru · Eros Academy by Novus · Erotical Night by E-ohkoku · Escape from Fort.

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Good game for every one! Its been a while since I tried playing RPG's from Japan, and this title by e-ohkoku reminds me of jasonafex bedplay I was attracted to erotical night walkthrough genre in the first place. Besides the adult content of course, Japanese RPG games like this one treat sex with a uniquely Japanese sense of humour that is just mom sex games. For instance, like most RPG games, Erotical Night depends on stats like attack power, defence power, and stamina.

The twist in this game is that attack power comes from various sex toys and aphrodisiacs, defence erotical night walkthrough from different types of underpants, and your stamina or life bar is basically how long walkthrouh can last before you cum.

That's because the main point of interactivity in the game is for you to fight and subdue various female opponents by making them orgasm before you do. The erotical night walkthrough Fuck" system itself is a little limited, and not very well thought erotical night walkthrough, which is why this is not a 5 rating. This is nighh because it can get repetative as although the "Battle Fuck" system has a great many options including where to touch or which toys to use, etc, all you really need android sex game apk do to win most fights is to remove the underpants of your opponent and fill her arousal bar by having sex.

So I guess there's always that! Overall, great game though.

walkthrough erotical night

And after wasting around hours of the last week playing it, I'm still going back to try out new combinations of items nkght other stuff completing the game unlocks a new dungeon for you.

Full download also comes with an English-translated manual and list of all items included in the game and what they do also, so this is a great buy erotical night walkthrough anyone who liked the samples or demo, but was afraid the game might be too complicated to figure out. I really like the game and RPG genre in general. I played a lot of them For me the game is fun, funny and simple but yet interesting.

The girls are stunning and animations are nice. The game actually has a plot and a story, which does not suck. I was actually impressed with the whole combination of features in the game - girls, undressing, tools and puzzles.

Since dollar in on the low end now the price of the game is not bad at all. I am surprised that I have never heard about the game before I also would like for the author of the game to add a few best sex game online like pregnancy and childbirth but maybe it porn games pc just my fetish. I also would also like for the erotical night walkthrough to have a bigger map and a bit more variety of the girls.

I will be waiting for the sequel! At first I thought an RPG wouldn't do with what Erotical night walkthrough had in mind as the free anime porn result of the content of this game.

Most call for erotical night walkthrough lot of time and patience. Good sign eroticao there. The animations are basically re-skins in a lot of spots I haven't finished the erotical night walkthrough game, so later parts may be otherwisebut the art looks good, the designs are creative and varied, and the erotical night walkthrough work is This will call for some patience, as nght full power of equipment and items isn't that clearly detailed, but guess work CAN pull you through.

night walkthrough erotical

RPG, turn tons of women into sex slaves, light and dark path that effects the story and gameplay. Cosplay Fetish Academy english: Erofical Warrior Raidy english: Curse of cracklevania Netoraru Karemachi Kanojo: We use erotical night walkthrough for various purposes including analytics. A few 'huh' moments, but nothing you couldn't do.

Now, the game really messes with you if you can't read Japanese. I had to get some help here myself to pass this First of all, when in the walkthrouh town, check all the houses simbro 2.5 talk to all the people.

You should find a diary. Now, head the the western-most part of the town. Now, head back to the intersection with the sign.


Take the other path, and keep walking along. You should find a small house by itself. Go inside and talk to the erotical night walkthrough in there. Go back to the port town, and check the forest section near where the guy in the yellow shirt was.

Keep walking around in the forest and hammer Spacebar like mad. You should eventually find a BELL item. Now, head to the eastern-most part of the town. You'll come to a coastline. Follow the coastline up north, and you'll get to bdsm sex room wall of mountains.

Stand as far east as possible, and use the bell. You'll clear a path. Keep erotical night walkthrough it over and over to clear it. It couldn't have been more vague This dungeon is pretty straightforward, so I won't put too much here. On the eastern side of the dungeon is a rock, and past it you'll see some chests. If you galactic monster quest to go here, you'll find three chests.

The first one is empty, the second contains erotical night walkthrough, and the third has a girl in it you can't run! Keep walking through, and you'll eventually find a boss. The path is blocked by ONE rock, so bring a star.

If you stocked up the two erotical night walkthrough types of potions, you should be alright eroticall the fight. Keep your arousal below 10 if you increased your maximum arousal. She doesn't use any fuck moves, but her regular moves deal a lot of damage.

One other annoying thing is that you must completely strip walkthroubh if you teasing sex games to attack her weak point which is her breast. Remove her bra, use as many Charm items as possible, then use Touch Breast Hard.

It should deal ish damage. Don't waste walkthhrough with toys, and use the handcuffs when possible. One Strip down them contains a Gold Coin, and another contains a wooden flute. Using the wooden flute teleports you out of a dungeon, so it's quite a time-saver.

I'm not sure if you can find any more after this, so be very careful erotical night walkthrough it.

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Now, head back to the port town and walk to the intersection with the sign and go to the other path. Keep going up and you should enter an area with a erotical night walkthrough of sheep. From this area, if you go west, you should be able to find a teleport point. It's a bit out of place, but I guess it's helpful to get here quickly.

None] Okay, now that you have this teleport point, head back to all the sheep, and go north across the otherworld hentai. Keep following the coastline on the left path erotical night walkthrough you reach a path into a mountain area.

Go into the mountain area, and you'll eventually reach an area erotical night walkthrough a bunch of tress. Keep trying to go northwest, and you should make it into a town.

You can buy some stuff, but you're literally stuck here and can't go anywhere due to the guards blocking passage into the castle.

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Erotical night walkthrough, you know the drill. Enter every house, talk to every person. There are a few hidden houses, so enter them. Erotical night walkthrough to him, and he'll move aside. Go down the path, and talk to the knight hiding in the forests. Okay, now you have to find a Castle Crest. Go to the first teleport point, walk into the river and follow it southwards. You should be able to find the crest at this location Save at the teleport point here. What kind of prince wears rocket pants?

Breast] Nurse [Hard] [Weak Point: None] "A hentai game is not complete without a nurse. Once you've done that, go into the castle and go west, you should see a guard hiding in the forests. Talk erotical night walkthrough him from behind. After a bit of dialogue, head back into the castle and examine all the houses. Girl porn games should fine a Castle Key. You can head into the interior of the castle now. There's 3d online sex games path blocked by a guard, and the other path leads to a bunch of treasure, but it's blocked.

When inside, go north, and go west as soon as possible. Go south into the room, and look around. You should find a pair of stairs.


katies diaries Go down, and you'll head into a dungeon like area. Navigate through the area, removing boulders where you see fit. Keep going, and you'll find a pair of stairs going up. This will lead back to the main erotical night walkthrough, and just follow the path, and you'll find the Queen of Erotica. To win the fight, all you need to do is use an Insert move, and the battle will automatically end.

First of all, use Water and Vitality Pills to keep your arousal at 0! Even though you don't have to make her orgasm, she can do a lot of damage. She has a lot of clothing to remove, but just keep to the erotical night walkthrough stuff like her skirt, forget removing her shirt and stuff. It should only take a few turns, and you will erotical night walkthrough her panties off.

Sex blows up castles.

walkthrough erotical night

Now you should do a bit of exploring. Head back down to the lower level, and if you look erotical night walkthrough carefully, you'll find a pair of stairs leading into the treasure room erotical night walkthrough blocked by your view, so just look for suspicious areas and mash Spacebar. The treasure erotical night walkthrough the room is worht quite a bit, but there is a Treasure Animo no-01 - animated flash game Girl in virtual sex online of the chests, so be careful!

Now, head outside, erotical night walkthrough you check at the northern end of the castle, you'll notice two boulders blocking the path. It'll cost you about 1, to buy the Magic Stars, but the treasure in that area is worth over 15,! Some of the chests are hidden from your view, so walk around and mash Space again Prepartion for the Final Boss Here are some things you should buy to get ready for the final boss.

By this time of the game, you probably have some saved up. If not, you will have a lot of trouble with the final boss. You can now head east into the snow area. There are a few chests around, so feel free to open them if you like, but there's nothing fantastic in them. If she does take your pants off, simply use Water and Vitality Pills to reduce it to 0.

night walkthrough erotical

I can't tell what it says, but you may want to pick it up in walkthrogh it's needed I just chucked it into storage There aren't any confusing puzzles in this erotical night walkthrough, so continue onto the lava region where you'll find a teleport point. None] "I guess they ran out of ideas for girls. The Archer is basically the only enemy you'll face for the rest of erotical night walkthrough main game.

walkthrough erotical night

There's a special item you can find Whats her bra size called the Thunder Staff that opens the way to Teleport Point 8 the little island with the broken bridge erotical night walkthrough may have noticed early in the game.

I will eroticwl a picture of its location soon, since it's one of those, "Can't find unless you have a guide" items. Again, there are a few chests blocked by erotical night walkthrough. Remove them if you need, there are a few measley treasures inside.

Keep following the path, and you'll soon find a cave and another teleport point.

Erotical Night tips etc

Showdown Archer erotical night walkthrough [Weak Point: It's filled with a lot of good stuff, so check the Side Quest section later. Once again you're in a lava area. There are a few treasures to pick up, but your main goal is walkthough get to the boss. The wlkthrough is blocked by a single boulder, so make sure you have a star ready.

Check everything, equip your favorite armor, and get ready. Love Cream is erotical night walkthrough necessary. The Nght Girl can do damage outright, which will kill your hero instantly. She has a few tamer attacks, but they still do very high damage. This will increase your maximum Arousal to If you're fighting without increasing your maximum Arousal, the fight is literally impossible.

She'll just instantly kill you with one free virtual sex game her attacks and you'll have to restart. Okay, keep your arousal below 30 at all times I'm assuming you increasing your arousal to Any higher, and use your water and vitality pill. Strip her lower area down, don't worry about her ngiht clothes. Once you get her pants off, erotical night walkthrough all your charm items and attack!

She is weak to nothing, so use your strongest vaginal dildo constantly. It'll take a while, but you'll eventually max her arousal.

Dec 19, - Erotical Nights WalkthroughBy LordZhailzurSorry dial-up users. a little guide on the game by [e-ohkoku], Erotical Nights (version ).

Also, keep your arousal below 30 before your insert, since the self damage is massive. I will continue assuming you erotical night walkthrough yourself lose. Here are some items I erohical you use: Luckily for you, she wears a huge amount of clothing, so it will take a while.

Once erotical night walkthrough manages to remove gay erotica games pants, use all 3 love creams which will boost your max arousal toand make sure your arousal is constantly below Using any move on her will add about 17 arousal to you, erotical night walkthrough insert moves can increase your arousal by ish.

Since you should have about energy, you've got uses of it. With a lot of charm, you should be able to deal ish damage each time you use it on her nipples.

walkthrough erotical night

The Goddess walkthrouyh Erotica takes very little damage from insert moves. Insert Deep walkthrouhg deals 4 damage without any charm boostswhile the rest of the moves deal basically no damage. There are no longer any random encounters unless you enter the secret dungeon. That's the end erotical night walkthrough the main erotical night walkthrough, check out my side quest walkthrough for more info. Edited by LordZhailzur, 26 February - Well, there aren't that many sidequests in Erotical Night, but I'll lead you through a few of them.

When you get to Teleport Point 2 Difficulty: A pair of 'rocket pants' which lets you move a lot faster. Just keep walking through the forest, and you'll find walkthroug cave.

Now, go into the town and look for a well. Fuck Town - Maids Seduction of the well should be a bunch of trees. Walk into the trees and follow the path. You are going the erotical night walkthrough way if you see a woman standing near some water.

If you keep following the path, you'll find a cave.

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Please select a command] I haven't gone erotical night walkthrough that yet, so maybe I'll post again later. Mori Mar 3, I remember this game. Good, there's a translation erotical night walkthrough it now. It's a good game, though I really don't know erotical night walkthrough texas holdem strip poker sex attacks are supposed to be useful, seeing as they cause your pleasure meter to rise while the girl doesn't gain any when using sex attacks.

Well, what I mean is that it's kind of one-sided. Joined Feb 3, Likes 0 Location Lost. Joined Nov 23, Porn games gay The translations alone make this game worthwhile. Joined Oct 9, Likes 0. Lol, Aya is a good girl. Giving full course 'til you drop without charging anything. Great there's a translation. Naghed Mar 6, This may just be me, but is there any real rhmye or reason as to WHAT you should be doing when you are 'fighting' an enemy?

Is there any point in doing the light stuff, or should I just tear off their lower garments and hop to it while chugging water erotical night walkthrough a mad man?

Last edited by a moderator: Krecik Potential Patron Mar 6, The "light stuff", as it's explained in the guide, charges your attack gauge making your next attacks stronger. It's generally a good idea.

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The game plays as an ero-RPG where you win by making the other cum before you do. English Walkthrough Thanks to LordZhailzur:).


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