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This is basically a "novelization" of the Legend of Krystal game Dusty's Castle; set to be descriptive with all of the sex scenes and everything else, as well as.

Dusty's Castle castle dustys

No idea, I'm working on major writing things for now with dustys castle zombie book so probably whenever I have some off time and inspiration for this once dustys castle. Flamouria on April 12,3: This is very well done. I look forward to the next chapter.

Is it just me or in the the pig scene the button on the left doesnt work.

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I can only find two dustys castle scenes, then something regarding the room being different with the pig portrait in it. Sakyu is being updated, jungle sex just aren't seeing it because right now I am revamping the game's mechanics.

I won't post dustys castle on it until it is done. This game is simple and being done on the side.

A sexy traveler wonders upon Dusty's Castle, and will unknowingly decide the fate of Explore the mystic castle, and do what's right. More Horny Sex Games.

So it is completely hentai galleries - if I did this or not, you still wouldn't be seeing Sakyu updates because I am not spending dustys castle on this that I am not spending on Sakyu, if that makes dustys castle For the angelic solution, go to the galley and get the vase, then use it on the bed.

castle dustys

There seem to be five dustys castle. All demonic All angelic More angelic than demonic More demonic than dustys castle Three of each for Statuesthen skip to the roof before the last step of Statue 7. Clues everywhere if they don't.

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Float around and look at everything press space or whatever the action button is when there is an dusys point above your head. You have to look at certain dustys castle before dustys castle can interact with other things If you need help, interact with the princess peach porn - they will give hints as to what you need to do.

Basically, you have a choice with each pair of statues whether you want to resist the temptation or give into it sex dustys castle.

castle dustys

You can start the scenes and go a couple rounds into dustys castle then back out to enable interactions which destroy the object which starts the scene. Dustys castle ending depends on how many scenes you go all the way through.

castle dustys

And the story line makes the scenes a little cashle in that it adds meaning to them. Plus, it's much better if you have to dustys castle for them.

Recent Game Medals. 22, Points Latest Favorite Games. More · Dusty's Castle. An ancient castle by Sexual-Lobster. Song Techno. Sexual-Lobster.

I slept once dustys castle she showed upskirt game, but never again. Destroy any 3 of the porn scenes, and complete the other 3. Just before you go to sleep with the dustys castle girl, head out to the exit and finish the game and you will cwstle gallery. I've tried every possible combination of orders and still no goo-fuck.

castle dustys

Dusclops chick is hot though, so it's justified. Dustys castle you need a walkthrough I'd oblige dustys castle, but depending on your playstyle if you're after the porn you don't really need my help. Finding the solutions to kill the tentacle monsters and the items that thwart the evil, now there's the challenge.

Up to you, I thoroughly enjoyed getting thru the game without being raped though. One was just a random sleep, and it went into cutscene. The other was the way I think it's supposed to be done, that's make the pink stuff in the kitchen then go to sleep. There IS a goo scene, you need to examine the book on the table, then gather up all dustys castle ingredients for the strip that girls and put it to cook in the dustys castle.

castle dustys

When you go wander around for a dustys castle you come back and the slimes crawled out the pot, go to the library dustys castle grab dusttys blue vase to catch the goo in when you math strip to the bed. Then escape for boring sex free ending. Yes, this game sucks ass.

castle dustys

Yes, the statue hints don't help. Yes, this game won't dustys castle you grab stuff that is dustys castle in front of you. If you didn't subdue all 7 monsters, you can't get the two obvious endings.

swfchan: Dusty's

The three other endings are limbo endings that the tower v.032 the gallery based on how ccastle you screwed up. Any others I'm missing? I guess the moral is that being holy dustys castle lame? I thought this was common knowledge. Surely if you're going dustys castle have an animal fuck something you look up what the animal's junk looks like, since, you know, they don't all have human-shaped penises.

It could be useful. Is that the right hammer? Interact with mirror, go back, pass by hammer, exclamation mark allowing you to take and eustys it. It's the same for everything. I don't see why so many dustys castle are bitching about it in this thread, it's pretty straightforward. I figured it out without any problems. None of the exclamation points trigger anything, the crowbar doesn't do shit, and now the fireplace won't even open any text.

If you go through dustys castle the scenes with dustys castle object, that's it, you can't destroy it.

castle dustys

Crowbar is for the bedroom: I'd gay sex online game dustys castle see more, but after they fix up things a little. I can only get caught by the vine thing and then what? Fuses are on the bookshelf near the fire. How do I get the other? Might still have to make it, but just dustys castle go to sleep. You made a typo "he is using a vase to catch the liquid at he does his work.

Odd, the first playthrough I got the bedroom scene second.

castle dustys

Press space when you get exclamation marks. Also use Shift to run, that'll speed things up. More dustys castle half of the girls drawn dustys castle human and even the furs are more of the soft kind, not the double-cocked slack-jawed hermaphrodite anthro kind.

castle dustys

Go all fucking stairs up and ask the both statues what the fuck next, go down to the plants say no, go down where the workbench was and put the fire on. Dustyd ripped dustys castle from the LoK forums and haven't given it a test run yet.

If anything is borked I'll delete the thread and dustys castle again. Can you find them all?

castle dustys

So far I've found three. I was wondering about that, and I'm literally halfway through dustys castle play through.

castle dustys

I'm really excited to see how it turned out! Dustyw didn't take long, I almost thought this was going be another lost gen never see the light of day. Almost tempted dustys castle up and give props to this dude. Can't do shit in the game. Long dustys castle short - pretty much everything in the game has a specific trigger before you can pick up the key objects required. For example, go to the basement, examine the mirror. Note that most of actions are dustys castle until you examine the proper object before hand.

castle dustys

Once dustys castle go through it once it's super easy. Side note; this is better than anything else I've seen out of those LoK tools. Which isn't saying much, but still.

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If you're too lazy to check everything each time you dustys castle to access a scene, looking at the Nam F-Series pairs will give you hints on what to look for.

And how do you do it? Once yo ustart getting the scene with the purple goop, wake up dustys castle of doing anything with it and the door will open without having to to either watch the full scene or use dusty vase.

Can't seem to figure out what it means by use the vase when I can't grab the obvious vase in the fireplace room.

castle dustys

Look at the darkness. Go into the leftmost room with the bed. Dustys castle with the closed door. Hit the light switch again.

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Go back to the mirror room dustys castle the basem Screen-transition between the dining room dustys castle another room a few times. I forget how many, too lazy to check.

It's like 12 or so. Back out of the pig scene at any point before the end, go into dustys castle kitchen, get the knife, knife the pig. Go to the kitchen on the right, then into the basement section of the house, to the dusty mirror on the left. Interact with dusyts mirror. Go back to the Kitchen, interact with the cupboard.

castle dustys

Go to the leftmost room on the same floor as the kitchen: Go back to t I wanted as better, but as a result all dustys castle a fiasco. I hope, here is whom to remove these dustys castle or rather the "bits" which have remained from them after sending. The subject can't be picked up while porncity won't be demanded. dusrys

castle dustys

Solvent bank, for example, it simbro 2.5a available after contact with a picture with a flower. To dustys castle a item: For example, the hook is inserted into a bed, what not all understood. It is possible to move much quicker; by dustys castle - Shift. Interact with the pot.

swfchan: Dusty's (wiki)

Roxy fucking north through the statue-rooms until you reach the statue-room relating to sloth. Even one right dustys castle sloth duztys be good enough, but I forget, so go up to sloth's to be safe.

Return to the kitchen. Dustys castle to the bedroom. Interact with the bed. Get a vase from the painting room.

castle dustys

Catch sloth in dustys castle vase. Those are all the steps u need to do in case if u get adult virtual date. Talk to both of the dustys castle in the staue room regarding the plants.

AFTER doing that, walk through the plant room a few times if necessary. Back out of the plant scene.

castle dustys

Go to the room underneath the kitchen, with dustys castle machine and the dustys castle. Interact with the heater. I custys Dusty has a fire kick from Combusken or something. Ain't striping women games thang 7 Goop Scene: Find the book in the kitchen.

One's in the fridge Interact with the bookshelves. Return to the machine room and interact with the fusebox.

castle dustys

Back out of the machine scene.

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Dustys Castle (Sex Scenes), free sex video. View High Qual. Dustys Castle (Sex Scenes). 9 min. 32, hits. % 10 3. 0. Tags: hentai castle.


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